War of the Webquests

1. What types of literature has H.G. Wells written?
2. What type is he most famous for?
3. What book is about a Martian invasion?
4.What is sicence fiction?
5.What is the lesson in the Invisble Man?
6.What 6 books were mentioned on this page?
1. What were H.G. Wells' parents names?
2.What school did Wells win a scholarship to?
3.What teacher was an important role in getting him into science fiction?
4.What was Wells' son's career?
5.What book did he write in 1939?
6.If you had a few tough years of schooling would you still push through like Wells?
1. What year was the Time Machine published?
2.In what book did H.G. Wells predict biological weapons?
3.What prediction came true regarding weapons?
4.What prediction came true regarding animals?
5.Do you believe Wells could predict the future, or was he just very smart?
6.What does the last sentence mean?
1.What does "H.G." stand for in H.G. Wells' name?
2. Where are four places you can see/hear abotu Wells in other books and movies?
3.How many times was Wells married?
4.What was suggested by the Time Machine?
5. What two other places has the name "Morlocks" been used?
6.What did he want his Epitaph to read?
1. Where was Wells born?
2.What did Wells do in 1883?
3.The Time Machine is a portrayal of what?
4.In 1903, what society did Wells join?
5.What was Wells last book written?
6.When did he die?
1. What is H.G. Wells commonly referred to as?
2.What is his birthday?
3.What was the first school he attended?
4.What story did Wells write that is sort of like his life?
5.How many sons did Wells and Amy Catherine Robbins?
6.Was Wells faithful?
1. What is the main difference between the book and the movie?
2.Was there a difference in the weapons used? What?
3. What time period was the movie set in?
4.In both the book and movie what did the Martians use as a weapon?
5. Were modern weapons a match against the Martian weapons?
6. What did the Martians die from in both the book and movie?
1.What did people think happened on October 30th of 1938?
2. What really happened?
3.What are some reasons that people were convinced it was real?
4.Why was there so much panic?
5.What two medical conditions were reported after the broadcast?
6. What would you have done if you heard this broadcast?